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Views of the Battle of Gettysburg

Views of the Battle of Gettysburg


The Scenes of the Battle-Day 2

Little Round Top

Hazlett Scales Little Round Top

  • Ignored by Sickles -Found by Warren-One the most hotly contested sites of the Day 2 Battle

The Wheatfield


  • George Rose's 22 acres of wheat was the scene of Gettysburg most chaotic fighting. In four hours the field was taken and retaken seven times.

Peach Orchard


Joseph  Sherfy's Peach Orchard was the site of Daniel SIckles Great misadventure with the III Corps.

Sherfy House/Farm


  • Joseph Sherfy's Farm on the Emmitsburg Road was the direct target of Barksdale's Brigade

Houck's Ridge


Ward's Brigade and  Smith's Battery in Rose Woods and Houck's Ridge were the first target of Hood's Division

Devils Den


Devil's Den and the Valley of Death

About Diographs


About the Artist

Dennis Morris has developed the diographic technique as a result of his life time interest in history and scale modeling. Dennis is a graduate of Grove City College with a Bachelors degree in History and has a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Akron.
Dennis resides in Montour Falls New York, where he was employed by Schuyler County as an Assistant County Attorney and is now Schuyler County Court Judge. His other interests include designing and coaching Marching band, Drum and Bugle Corps and Color Guard.


How Are Diographs Created?


The Gettysburg Diographs are photographed on a 450 square foot diorama accurately representing portions of the terrain of the Gettysburg Battlefield as it appeared on July 2, 1863. References for this included the period photographs of Brady, Gardner, and later shots by Tipton.  In the fall of 2009 a new studio was completed. This new modular diorama will allow unlimited vistas of the Gettysburg battlefield. As each year passes we can present more scenes from the battle including all 3 days. 


Our Fine Art Prints

Quality Historic Prints  

       It is our goal is to present you with  high quality artwork that not only will satisfy your aesthetic taste but also provide a vision of the Battle of Gettysburg from a unique viewpoint and perspective.

      Our Standard prints are on durable,  high quality canvas (giclee)  and stretched over luan.  All of our printing is done in-house for quality control and fast delivery. Our Epson printers utilize archival inks and prints are given U/V and water resistant coatings for protection.
      Our Museum size prints are produced by the same methods but are stretched over stretcher bars.

      The frames provided are wooden and custom produced without glass for clarity and to avoid glare. The frames include an attractive brass title plaque. The  Wooden frames are custom made for each print and are about  1 3/4 inch in width. With each Print come a certificate of authenticity and the historical background of the scene.
       All prints are shipped within 5 days of your  order.  If you wish to order from outside of the U.S. please contact us and we can give you a quote.

Our Frames


Our Standard frames come at no extra charge with each print

Each standard  frame is made of 1.75" natural wood with an expresso finish and mitered edges.  Natural grain and knots have been retained for a distressed look.


Standard FRame for Museum size prints

The same natural distressed look comes standard with our larger 22" x 34" Prints


Deluxe Frames

For $10.00 more you can choose a different look.

For our  smaller prints we offer  a   black finshed wood frame with brushed gold accent.


Deluxe frame for Museum Size Prints

For our 22"x 34" Prints we offer a traditional moulded  2.75 inch frame in black and gold for just $10.00  more.


Detailed view of the Museum deluxe frame

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See us at the Gettysburg Reenactment in July 2018 at the artist and authors tent.

The Gettysburg Diographs

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