The Gettysburg Diographs by Dennis Morris
Historical Prints
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                                               "Sickles-Just Before"

                                   "Wilcox Crosses Spangler Farm"

                                            "Jersey Blue Collision"

2013 Portfolio is here!

"Sherfy's Wheatfield I-114th Pennsylvania"

          The Gettysburg Diographs are a new series of images of the Battle of Gettysburg. Designed to portray important and dramatic  moments in the battle as never seen  before,  these unique canvas (giclee) prints will illuminate and inspire anyone who is fascinated by the events of July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 1863.
        NEW-  As of June 1, 2012,  all Gettysburg Diographs will be  presented on stretched canvas  prints, framed without glass for superior clarity.

     Just Arrived!!  Museum size framed prints 22" x 34" at an incredible $99.95. "140th NY Arrives," "Alabamans at Vincent’s Spur," "Hazlett Scales Little Round Top," 4th Maine in the Valley of Death," "Duel in Rose Woods," Sharpshooters at Rose Run," "Pine Tree Warriors" and  "Red Diamonds in the Wheatfield"  all in stunning detail.

         Check out our newest Prints in the  2012 Portfolio.   Our earlier classic scenes are in the 2008, 2009,   2010,  and 2011 Portfolios .These Art Quality limited edition prints are available through our online store.   Own a truly unique view of Gettysburg for our great price of $59.95 for a framed signed limited edition print.


            We are again proud to share excerpts from the "Gettysburg Campaign Atlas", Philip Laino's outstanding 421 map guide to the Battle of Gettyburg.

               We do work by Commission at a very reasonable cost- honor you local unit or ancestor with a unique created piece of art.


        To see the early stages of the Gettysburg Diographs see Gettysburg in Miniature.

More information on our prints

            In 2010 we acquired two Epson Stylus Pro Ultra Chrome Printers. All of our prints are produced in-house to our exacting personal standards and  shipping time is now 3 days from receipt of payment.  Our Giclee prints are made on the highest quality 20 mil Gloss Canvas.  If you would prefer we also can offer any print in on  10 mil enhanced matte paper  or premium luster for outstanding detail.


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