The Gettysburg Diographs by Dennis Morris
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Dennis Morris has developed the diographic technique as a result of his life time interest in history and scale modeling. Dennis is a graduate of Grove City College  with a Bachelors degree in History and has a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Akron.
Dennis resides in Montour Falls New York, where he was employed by Schuyler County as an Assistant County Attorney and is now Schuyler County Court Judge. His other interests include designing and coaching Marching band, Drum and Bugle Corps and Color Guard.


The Gettysburg Diographs are photographed on a 450 square foot diorama accurately representing portions of the terrain of the Gettysburg Battlefield as it appeared on July 2, 1863. References for this included the period photographs of Brady, Gardner, and later shots by Tipton.  In the fall of 2009 a new studio was completed. This new modular diorama will allow unlimited vistas of the Gettysburg battlefield.  As each year passes we can present more scenes from the battle including all 3 days.

The Warren map was a primary reference for topography. Troop movements are based on the works of Bachelder, Coddington and Pfanz and the recent Maps of Gettysburg by Bradley M. Gottfried has been an invaluable aid.

Each scene was posed one figure at a time. For most shots a tethered Canon A620 with PS Remote software was mounted on an extension boom with remote controlled gimbals. While this allows fairly precise control of the photo process, over 30,000 shots have been taken thus far to generate 30 diographs. Actual photos of the Gettysburg battlefield are then blended in to create the distant scenery, horizon and sky.

   To see the early stages of the Gettysburg Diographs see Gettysburg in Miniature.

 Work by Commission

Do you have an ancestor who fought at Gettysburg?

Is your community Historical Society or local government looking for something unique to commemorate the  Civil War Sesquicentennial for a local regiment?

Are you a reenactor?

The Gettysburg Diographs can create a unique commissioned work of art that  portrays any unit that fought at Gettysburg.  For a fee of only $250.00  you can honor those who fought with a dramatic visual representation
Contact Gettysburg Diographs for more details. We will welcome your input and do our best to honor each unit.

Quality Historic Prints

       It is our goal is to present you with  high quality artwork that not only will satisfy your aesthetic taste but also provide a vision of the Battle of Gettysburg from a unique viewpoint and perspective.

         Our Standard prints are on durable,  high quality canvas (giclee)   and stretched over luan.  All of our printing is done in-house
for quality control and fast delivery. Our Epson printers utilize archival inks and prints are given U/V and water resistant coatings for protection.
           Our Museum size prints are produce by the same methods but are stretched over stretcher bars.

         The frames provided are wooden and custom produced without glass for clarity and to avoid glare. The frames include an attractive brass title plaque. The  Wooden frames are custom made for each print and are about  1 3/4 inch in width. With each Print come a certificate of authenticity and the historical background of the scene.
           All prints are shipped within 5 days of your  order.  If you wish to order from outside of the U.S. please contact us and we can give you a quote


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Tom Eishen's Gettysburg Photo Gallery   THE site for photographs of the modern battlefield. Hundreds of shots and many informative links

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